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AMK Mod v1.4 (1.0)
Filename: j.js_mod_pack.rar

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239.07 MB
1.0005 patch
Shadow of Chernobyl > Mods > Singleplayer

Average User Rating: 7.9
Number of Votes: 48
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AMK Mod v1.4 (1.0) - File Description  

J.J Mod PAck 1.0005

MOds included :

*AMK 1.4 with AMK-EN 2.0
*AMK Weather by NightVz 0.99
*Stalker Re-Animation Project 1.2a
*Stalker Weapons Retex (0.9)
*AMK 1.4 faction change b2
*AMK 1.4 addon clear sky dynamic music
*gnomuss scopes v2
*nature grass mod v1.0 more brown-yellow version
*new sounds
*some texture

Greets from Lithuania smile

AMK Mod v1.4 (1.0) - Screenshots  
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AMK Mod v1.4 (1.0) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download AMK Mod v1.4!

AMK Mod v1.4 (1.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
AMK Mod 1.4

probably the best mod ever ;)

AMK Mod 1.4 requires:

-1.0005 version of the game
-clean game without any mods (gamedata folder)
The main features of AMK Mod 1.4 are:

Offline A-Life

We always wanted to diversify stalker behaviour - as minimum, to bring back "stalking" - to
teach them to search and collect artefacts, thus competing with Marked One. Well, these
are results we succeeded:

Stalkers actively and diversely they interact with each other in offline:

-search and collect artifacts
-loot bodies, collect any useful things like ammo, weapons, medicaments
If found items are common and inexpensive, they sell them to the trader.

If they found something valuable, like rare weapon or expensive artifact, they leave it to
itself or propose to sell to someone, who wants it (maybe, it will be the Marked One too) they
just post a message to IM system, where to find them, and explain, what they want to

-conduct combat with hostile stalkers, moreover...
Combat is calculated by the complex system: despite the fact that everything occurs in
offline, the combat result is considered the outfitting of stalkers, the utilized weapon, and
much other things...

Everything does not ends on the combat: stalkers can loot the corpses of the devastated
enemies and take, for example, better weapon to themselves. Usually, almost entire
contents of enemy backpack will move to their backpacks, and will be sold to the trader with
the first opportunity.

If in combat, the matters go entirely badly, then stalkers can call for help through IM, and,
if player comes to this place, then he actually will see, that it was combat here - injured
stalkers, corpses, the precise composition of sides... even names of them will coincide with
names from IM post that you heard some time ago.

-conduct combat with hostile creatures
They recognise not only the corpses (which are actively looted), but also boxes and caches they'll
get everything you put in the cache, it they'll found it. It depends on the distinctness
of container - items, hidden in the cache somewhere on the garret of the neglected
farmstead, for sure will not be found, but it is here into the box, which stands in the Bar, it

is better not to place anything - they will clean it up, as soon as you come out.

Now player will not meet "default" NPCs, similar one to another (for example, novice with
the shotgun, medkit and 5000 rubles in the pocket).

All NPC are individual, each passed some events, which influenced their life in the Zone.
Some - are experienced, passed several combats, have good outfit and equipment...
Others, have done nothing significant, and finished their way with the bullet in the back of
the head. The thirds...

Online A-Life Improvements

Well, also, we've done some new features for online A-Life.
Here they are:

-NPC loot bodies
-NPC collect items lying on ground (medkits, weapons, artifacts)
Dynamic News System

Dynamic News System is the main instrument which shows offine A-Life to the player.

Do you remember, that in the original game different NPC sometimes contact with you
through PDA with text messages, which are shown below, in the left corner of the screen
(something like "Marked One, at long last you returned. If there'll be a free time - come
visit me, I have some jobs for you." )? We used this idea:

Marked One's PDA is connected to some kind "stalker network", through which he know the
whole situation in the Zone: this network has IM-service, which stalkers actively use,
reporting about the attacks of mutants, patrols, the obtained artifacts, skirmishes, etc.

There is only some types of their messages. Stalker(s):

-spotted someone (military patrol, for example), and name the place, where it happened.
-found a corpse, trying to recognise it's name from PDA, voices assumptions about the
reasons for death (and, you know - it's true working feature: if he was killed with pistol, or
automatic rifle, or shotgun - it'll be recognised by stalker, who found the body, he'll
describe, how's the wound looking, etc.), and name the place, where it happened.
-seen the skirmish, name the participants, the place.
-seen, how kill happened, and name killer (as usual, it's the player) and victims, exemplary
armament, place of the skirmish.
-heard something (shooting, scream, etc.)
-seen, that weather have changed, and tell, what he's thinking about it
-tells about the dawn, the sunset, the dark night, about what he feels now, about his

friends and whole situation around...

-tell about military helicopters, about raids, helicopter attacks, about the fact that
helicopter's taking fire, or about the fact that helicopter crushed...
-give SOS, when the matters go entirely badly.
-tell about good items and artifacts, about where to find them, if you want to buy
-ask for help with especially strong monsters (for example, with the controller, which
arrived to Escape), and, sometimes - they thank you for help, and transmit something
useful to the benefactor through Sidorovich or Barmen (leave transfer for you).
-report about when, approximately, the blowout begins
-many other types...
And, don't forget -this is not random news. All of them are about real events happened
in the Zone. There is no fake messages.


-blowout begins suddenly, but you have some time to search for a hideout. Different
hideouts have different degree of protection from the blowout, so choose the place, that
seems to be reliable: basements, buildings with massive walls - there you mostly won't be
affected by blowout.
-NPCs runs to hideouts, while being attacked - they fire back, at the end of blowout - they
return to usual places. NPCs protect the hideouts from enemies.
-blowout strenght changes from the border territories of the Zone to its center - more
mental hallucinations appears increasingly: phantoms, voices, sounds, while the strongest
blowouts Marked One deafens. Underground locations are the best hideouts - there the
blowout completely lose it's effect.
-during the blowout all monsters fall into the prostration: dogs lie and whimper,
bloodsuckers sit and do not react. Also, the blowout is not affect to Monolith members they
sit and pray, but part of them continues to fight.
Dymanic anomalies system

1.4 introduce the completely new dynamic anomalies system:
-now anomalies appear in almost completely random places, not in strictly fixed positions,
like in 1.3.1 (but - they do not appear near quest NPC and other important zones)
-anomalies quantity and behaviour depends on the Blowout - for example, immediately go
into the zone right after the Blowout is extremely dangerous - anomalies arose everywhere,
it is necessary to be extremely carefully - but, if we'll wait for a some time (maybe, half of

the day - depends on Blowout interval setting), a quantity of anomalies will gradually
decrease. Theit quantity will drop to a minimum level right before the next Blowout.

Artifact transmutation

Artifact transmutation: kind of "alchemy" from RPG - you can modificate artifacts: by
placing them in the proper anomaly, you have a chance to find here a brand-new artifact
over time. Or to spoil it. Quests for receipts, modified artifact levels and many other
features. If you're lucky, you'll be able to create artifact with unique properties.


-reworked and completely random weather.
-restored sun & moon (now, you don't need to enter multiplayer game, then - return and
run singleplayer to see them).
-new moon texture.
-darker nights.
-fixed weather on Radar/Pripyat/Chernobyl NPP removed - now, there will no be a cloudy
sky and identical lighting all the time.

We've modified some monsters:

-controller: now he has the ability to zombify stalkers.
-blind dogs: they are dangerous in the swarm, cowardly, very rapidly they run, it is
complicated to run away, 360 degrees feelings (new feelings, which were appeared instead
of the sight), but they run away with death of two-free dogs from the swarm. Vulnerable
place - paw.
-flesh: the thick layer of fat helps to maintain plural damages. Attack weak, but with the
increased protection they can deliver problems. Weak place - head.
-bloodsucker: one of the most dangerous monsters. It's very tenacious cranial bone
maintains strong attacks due the brain moved back. Protected by rough skin and durable
bone organs. Vurnerable place: head. You need to shoot from side or back to hit the brain,
in this case he will be killed for sure.
Sleep system

-Now Marked One gets tired after 30 hours of action: it begins to double in the eyes, etc. If
you continue to play and will not sleep, Marked One will fall asleep approximately after 6

-Energy drinks acts even as "anti-sleepy" means - being drunk, and this will give
approximately an 2-3 hours to the time of the wakefulness, but it is possible to attain a
similar effect only from the first three drunk jars - further, he will fall asleep in any case.
Also, it gives inverse effect - Marked One will sleep longer if he's used an energy drink. Each
subsequent jar acts more weakly - gives 3, 2, 1 hour of wakefulness respectively. During
the action of stimulator it is not possible to open the sleep menu, since he's under the
action of the energy drink.
-First-aid kits now possess small soporific action, each first-aid kit is nearing the time of
falling asleep for 10 minutes.
-To sleep, use the sleeping bag in your inventory.

-New weapon - flamethrower. Also, we've created the big, unique quest to obtain it - with
long and original dialogs, many ways to the end, etc.
-Reworked sniper weapons: real ballistics, true bullet parameters, authentic scopes and
other. Now, sniping actually works, and the scope markings aren't just to make the
crosshair look pretty.
-Reworked assault weapons: real ballistics, true bullet parameters, etc.
-Realistic grenade damage and blast wave.
-Original weapon names returned.
-Smoke grenades added.
-Unused weapons returned to the game (HPSA, TOZ34, etc.)

-Dynamic HUD: player's FOV lowers when you wear suits with masks, breath effect (glass
becomes covered with moisture).
-Reworked HUD textures and element positions.
-New hit marks.
-New loadscreens.
-New PDA skin.
-New main menu.
-New submenu, where you can customize AMK features (hit [Esc] during the game, then
choose "AMK Options").

-GPS-marker. This little thing makes it possible to tag important/useful locations on the

map, which you can obtain on your PDA. For activation you have to drop it and enter an
information text in the opening window.

-Now, you can not only hide things in the well-known hiding-places - but, also, make your
own. It is simple. Just buy an additional backpack, and leave it, where you want to make
your new hiding-place. After this - simply place your items to it. Well, and in order not to
forget, where you left your unique weapons, etc. - just place GPS-beacon nearby =)
-Different anomaly detectors appear in the game. Needs to be attached to the belt and
turned on to operate correctly. The first detector - for detecting radioactive fields. Notifies
about radiation presence with a sound. The second detector - for detecting anomaly fields
and disturbances. Notifies of their presence with a sound. The third detector - it determines
not only the presence of anomalous fields and disturbances, but also shows their
arrangement on the map.
-You can continue to play after a proper ending of the game (freeplay). Also, in freeplay
Chernobyl NPP -> Pripyat level changer added, and Chernobyl NPP -> Sarcophagus level
changer disabled.
-BTW's and helicopters added in some places. For example, on the Escape the block post is
intensified by two BTW. If you'll be lucky enough to blow up them, military forces will call
for the helicopter. Just run =)
-Reworked helicopter AI (rocket using, slight maneuvers; helicopter flies away, if it loses
player from the field of the sight for a long time).
-In standard task of "Kill stalker" type, now, there are several ways to end task - victim can
pay for its life, etc.
-Authentic sounds for AK74, VSS "Vintorez" and AS "VAL".
-Bug fixed: suits now are not repaired in the anomalies.
-Bug fixed: recycling dialogs.
-Bug fixed: save game spoiling in Pripyat.
-Physics: you can carry monster bodies and some physical items.
-Improved blood.
-Weapon/suit repair (based on Repair Mod).
-NPC damage from fire is turned off (to fix NPC burning in campfires).
-NPC panic added.
-Changed tasks (time/reward).

creators of the 1.4

Lost Stranger

AMK-EN Team:
BAC9-FLCL (Head of Project, translation)
Vizzy (installer, translation and scripts)
ShadowTony (help with translation)
SkuLL[Rus]⢠(a bit of help with translation)
Vladwick (help with English grammar)
ClaySoft'65 (big help with finding errors like missing or wrong strings, some help with translation)

Special thanks from AMK-EN Team to:
xStream (helped a lot with scripts, AI Pack)
Kanyhalos (weapons and physics pack)
sokol_jack (helped with scripts)
stalker69 (for better inventory icons mod)
Simbion mod translators team (for their news_data.script)
And everyone else who we forgot to mention here but who has also contributed help to the project.

AMK Mod v1.4 (1.0) - User Comments  
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