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Daniel's mod for OL 2.2 (1.0)
Filename: daniels_mod_v1.0_for_ol_2.2.zip

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91.81 MB
Oblivion Lost 2.2
Shadow of Chernobyl > Mods > Singleplayer

Average User Rating: 7.3
Number of Votes: 7
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Daniel's mod for OL 2.2 (1.0) - File Description  

This mod is an add-on for Kanyhalos' Oblivion Lost v2.2. It puts back a lot of vanilla elements while maintaining the parts that make Oblivion Lost so great, including the open ended conclusion allowing you to return to the Zone after visiting the CNPP. It also makes changes to the text, spelling, poor translations; adds keys, detectors, flash drives, vanilla HUD elements, new Bar radio station; and several changes to the final level. That's just a fraction of what this add-on mod does, for a complete list please read the mods documentation.

This mod comes with an installer, simply add Oblivion Lost 2.2 to the game first then run the installer to add the new content and changes.

Daniel's mod for OL 2.2 (1.0) - Screenshots  
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Daniel's mod for OL 2.2 (1.0) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Daniel's mod for OL 2.2!

Daniel's mod for OL 2.2 (1.0) - Readme  
Readme File:

PLEASE NOTE: You require Oblivion Lost v2.2 installed first, in order for this add-on to work.

Install instructions:

1. Back up your Oblivion Lost gamedata folder first!

2. Double-click the installer to begin.

3. Change the drive letter and install directory if required.

4. The installer will detect that there is already a folder called "gamedata", this ok.

5. The installer will overwrite any existing files, this is normal.

6. In the main Stalker directory, look for the file fsgame.ltx, open it in Notepad (Notepad++ recommended) and make sure the following is set to "true" and change it if it isn't already:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

7. Save and close the file.

8. You MUST start a new game the first time you run this mod, even if you have previously saved the game while playing Oblivion Lost.

9. Enjoy!


To uninstall this mod please DO NOT use the uninstaller. Delete the gamedata folder and
move your backed up gamedata folder back if you wish to return to vanilla Oblivion Lost.


Q. So...what's this all about then?
A. It is my add-on mod for Oblivion Lost 2.2.

Q. What does it do?
A. Well, for a start it puts back several elements from the vanilla game while maintaining the best bits of Oblivion Lost, such as the open ended conclusion to the game - allowing you to continue after the game has finished.

Q. Is that all?
A. Oh no, there is quite a bit of additional content and major changes have been made to several sections of the game, the final level in particular. See below for a complete list of the changes.

Q. Do I need Oblivion Lost 2.2 installed before installing Daniel's MOD v1.0 for OL 2.2?
A. Yes, absolutely. It will not work if you try to run this mod on it's own.

Q. Wait a minute...What the hell is Oblivion Lost 2.2 anyway and what changes does THAT make to the vanilla game?
A. You should know that by now. I suggest you play the game with just Oblivion Lost installed to see what it's all about and read the readme file that came with it.

Q. Okay, so is there a complete list of what's changed?
A. Yes, see below.

Q. Does this mod work for other versions of Oblivion Lost?
A. I doubt it, it was designed for version 2.2 only, so I wouldn't recommend trying.

Thanks to...

Thank you to the following for their invaluable help and advice on the GSC forums, without whom this mod would not have been possible:

Storm Shadow State
David 97
Lord Santa

Anyone else I've missed!

Special thanks to mnn for the key card scripts!

And finally, Kanyhalos who did all the hard work on Oblivion Lost and gave me permission for this release.


- Starting Rubles is now 500 instead of the vanilla 40.

- The storage box in Sidorovich's bunker now contains: 4 medkits, 1 repair kit, 1 Makarov PMM handgun, 2 boxes of 9x18 ammo, 1 f1 grenade, a welcome note and 2 antirads.

- Wolf gives you an AK74 and some ammo for it instead of the crappy Makarov when you get your first mission from him at the start of the game.

- The two doors inside the Sarcophagus don't take you back outside, they are now locked. If you want to get back to the Zone you'll just have to find another way!

- The teleporter inside Reactor 4 which served merely as a short-cut is now gone.

- Jump height reduced to the vanilla amount.

- Additional piece of debris added to reactor 4 to prevent jumping up onto the platform as a shortcut (not really necessary now that the jump height has been reduced).

- The final teleporter at the end of the game plays the final "true" ending cut-scene (as vanilla) instead of pointlessly taking you back to ground level as Oblivion Lost does. However, you can instead return to the Zone if you wish.

- Removed superfluous teleporters in the CNPP grounds including those that you couldn't even reach.

- Head/Camera bob removed.

- Bleeding is now disabled, though You can still die quite easily, as normal; just not from blood loss. The sound of your heart beating due to massive blood loss and blood drip particles is also disabled.

- Weight limit increased to a maximum of 200Kg.

- Selling percentages for all medical items and food is lower for all traders. This includes the new traders with Oblivion Lost 2.2. So medical supplies and food stuff prices are cheaper than they are in OL 2.2 and more like vanilla prices.

- BM16 (Sawn-off shotgun) can now be equipped in inventory slot 1.

- Removed "Telepathy" protection from ALL outfits.

- Gravi and Mosquito anomalies are now almost invisible - so invest in a detector!

- The intensity of the Psi-emission in Red Forest on the road to Pripyat has been increased. Now it is practically impossible to skip (cheat) the Brain Scorcher quest. Not even spamming medkits will get you through.

- Vanilla HUD cross-hair and dynamic weapon cross-hairs are back.

- The wording for warnings about psi-emissions and high radiation has been changed.

- The waypoint arrow on the minimap is now a lime green colour instead off-white/light grey.

- Reinstated the minimap compass from vanilla and re-adjusted it's position in the HUD.

- Changed the HUD/inventory icon for antirads so it matches the mesh.

- Removed the bleed icon from the HUD.

- Fixed the desc/name error in the table string for the Doctor's Key.

- Changed Koshei's name to Ivan (The Terrible!).

- Changed "harmonica" and "guitar" to Harmonica and Guitar (removed the quotes).

- Description for the psi-helmet has been changed (along with some other items and artefacts).

- Changed "Recipes" in PDA to "Artefact Formulae".

- Changed some of the text in documents PDA entries and AMK event messages.

- Corrected A LOT of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, bad translations and bad English in descriptive text and dialogue.

- Changed some of the main menu button texts to vanilla (with some minor changes to those).

- Added my name to the end game credits (I'm first in the list, whooo!).

- The Wish Granters voice in the sarcophagus (clips from the BBC's Surviving Disaster: Chernobyl Disaster) has been replaced with the vanilla sounds.

- After turning off the psi-emissions (and after the dream) the Wish Granter now says to you "What you want is here Stalker" instead of the incorrect: "What DO you want is here Stalker".

- Silenced all but "Damn" of Hunters dialog in the bar.

- Increased time between Informers dialog lines in the bar.

- Silenced bar_visitors bloody annoying "Black Raven" poem.

- Barmans megaphone dialog is now in English (from vanilla).

- The Duty Guard in the warehouse doesn't say "Get out of here Stalker" anymore (thank God for that uh?).

- Duty's megaphone dialog is now English (from vanilla) and propaganda is reinstated from vanilla.

- Duty leader Voronin does not now say the stupid line: "What are you here".

- All audio for Escape level (Cordon) is English from vanilla. Wolf and Petruha's radio chatter now has a beep before the dialog (because they're using radios - copied from OL's Russian audio).

- The bar radio has been moved onto the bar itself, instead of on top of the freezer.

- Sidorovich's first dialog to you is now cut off at the end (I removed: "If you want to kill him, I guess you have your reasons") because it overlaps with "So what are you waiting for..."

- Pripyat decoder is removed from your inventory when you use it on the secret lab door.

- In the monolith control secret lab, the exit door to Stancia2 is now locked and the door you come through closes and locks behind you - as vanilla.

- Text dialogue is now matched to the audio samples (bloody big job this one and took me ages!).

- Barman, in one of his dialogs, now says: "Turn of the Scorcher" instead of: "Turn off the Burner" (audio sample).

- Disabled "fly-by" cut scenes at Agroprom and Wild Territory (Pripyat Stadium is already disabled in OL 2.2).

- Made the squad leader at Pripyat is a lot tougher, so he doesn't die so easily.

- "Telepathy" in artefact descriptions is now "Psychotronic".

- Removed "hand_radio" from Dark valley because the inventory icon was a pair of night vision goggles and I couldn't be bothered to turn the radio into an object rather than an item.

- The box of "Dimanit" in Military level is now called "Crate of Dynamite".

- Chemical Burn icon error for artefacts has been corrected.

- "Strelok's Flash Drive" is now called "Strelok's Mini-PDA".

- Level exit from Dark Valley in Cordon has been moved back a bit into the tunnel.

- "Health" as an artefact property is now "Health Regeneration"


- Added a dead scientist in the final level with a document explaining what you should do next.

- Some ladders in the final level have been blocked off so you can't climb all the way up or down (and cheat!). Ladders with missing rungs are broken and you can't climb them anyway.

- Created a code door at the cNPP final level which leads to a teleporter that takes you back to The Zone. Several objects added to the area.

- Added an air-vent to a wall on the final level that you can get on to where you have to make a difficult jump.

- Added a couple of drive'able vehicles to the CNPP grounds.

- Blocked an open gate at the CNPP.

- Added a truck with fuel barrels in the CNPP grounds.

- Added a document in the final level written by Ivan the controller king (when he was human).

- Exit level changer from stancia2 added (which by some clever tweaking works as a teleporter!).

- A Box has been added that you land on after "teleporting" from Stancia2, contains some useful items.

- Added guns, ammo and other supplies to a room.

- Added a document to an NPC detailing something useful.

- Added a document that can be sold (to the right traders).

- Made a simple camp.

- Added a document detailing an inventory of supplies.

- Added a new NPC with a document.

- Added a code door, a document and storage box with a book inside...somewhere.

- Easter Egg: There's an audio sample you can hear early on, that references a later part of the game.

- Added a new NPC in the Bar called Richard.

- Added another light bulb in the Bar to increase brightness where it's too dark.

- Added a poster on the wall in the Bar advertising a lost harmonica.

- Added a menu board to the bar.

- When you accept the Agroprom Institute mission from Sidorovic he'll give you a dosimeter. There is additional text after the vanilla conversation and then he'll give it to you.

- Created a new mesh and inventory icon for a hidden "personalised" harmonica.

- Added USB flash drives from CoP and altered the quest items to feature the new items instead of the one-use-for-all piece of crap minipda item.

- Replaced bandages with cigarettes (with various effects on the player - good and bad). Created HUD/inventory icon, used a modified existing 3D mesh and new cigarette packet texture wrap for it.

- Added a "cough" sound when you use cigarettes.

- Added a scripted audio scene to a location.

- Created a new radio station (heard in the Bar). A playlist of 10 synth tunes on random shuffle with DJ chatter, adverts, jingles and even news.

- Added an FM hand radio somewhere, with a looping audio sample (and a clue to something!).

- Find "Daniel May's lost harmonica" quest. Go to the Bar in Rostok and ask the Barman about it. There are clues to find and some investigating to do which may help your search.

- Made a blackboard/chalkboard menu texture for the Bar.

- Made a poster texture for the Bar about finding the lost harmonica.

- Made a new TV animation texture to replace the crap original (see the Bar in Rostok).
Added more frames and faster frames per second also.

- New texture for a USB flash drive (actually it's just the blue one painted red!).

- Several changes to the ui_icon_equipment textures for inventory items.

- Added a photograph item somewhere.

- Put a label on the loading screen to alert you to the fact that you are playing "Daniel's Mod v1.0"!

- Barman now gives you a key card to open lab x18. Borov has the other key card and both are removed from your inventory when you open the door to the lab. Key cards are from CoP. You MUST take Borov's key to initialise the next step in the x18 quest.

- A key card swipe unit has been added to the left of the x18 door for the key cards. "Use" the unit to unlock the door (providing you have both keys).

- Doctor now gives you a key to the hotel room in Pripyat, which is removed when you unlock the door at the hotel.

- Made changes to weapon, ammo and add-on text descriptions to make choosing add-ons and ammo for your weapons simpler.

- Light bulb added to the x18 lab door in Dark Valley.

- Endurance icon is now a running man image.

- Hunger icon is now a knife and fork image.

- Various changes to the code doors in the Brain Scorcher lab (Red Forest).

- Added a green glow on the ground of the final teleporter in Stancia2 (the one that plays the final cut scene). Also added a new audio sample to it.

- Added a message sent to you upon finding the exit teleporter that takes you back to the Zone in Stancia2.

- Added two new PDA "personal Note" entries, one from entering Stancia2 after the secret lab and the other after exiting Stancia2 and going back to the Zone.

- Repair Kits will repair your weapons and armour (see mod add-ons below).

- Four types of Anomaly Detectors (see mod add-ons below).

- Item use sounds from Call of Pripyat (see mod add-ons below).

MOD ADD-ONS - The following mods have been added.

NGC Repair Kit 1.1 by Autologic (based on a mod by Nyagicha) and modified by Daniel.

Satry's Anomaly Detector 2.0. Modified by Daniel. Includes 4 detectors. The simple detector is just a dosimeter (with a new mesh texture). The other detectors are Basic, Advanced and Ecologist. All offer various levels of detection including visual warnings in the minimap. Detecting sounds are different for each unit. You do not have ANY detectors at the start of the game. Detectors are sold by Sidorovich, Barman, Sakharov (Yantar Scientist) and Freedom at various points in the story. The Ecologist Anomaly Detector is only available from Sakharov after turning off the brain scorcher.

"Item_Usage" sounds mod by Barin. Plays sound effects when you use items like antirads and medkits - taken from Call Of Pripyat.


- The mesh I used for cigarettes is one of the detectors so it has a glow map which I'm unable to remove, so part of the cigarette packets glow in the dark.

- There is a hole in Stancia2 level, that's a vanilla bug. I did try to cover it up with objects but it looked crap so I took the objects out. In vanilla you wouldn't normally have the chance to see it but in Oblivion Lost you are free to walk the grounds of the NPP. I guess that's why the developers left it.

- Richards dialog will repeat, so be careful you don't pay him for the same information.

- Richard in the Bar isn't quite leaning against the table enough. This is because I can't shift his position.

- It has been observed that Richard might walk away from the bar without warning. If this happens you'll have to track him down if you want to talk to him.

- There was a dog in Rostok spawned on trigger as part of a scripted scene but I can't create a restriction for it to stay inside the building. Had to remove the restrictor because it was messing up the waypoints of other mutants and NPC's in the area, including Kruglov. the dog still spawns but now disappears through the wall.


You may use certain parts of "Daniels Mod 1.0 for OL 2.2" to make your own changes or to use in your own modifications etc just as long as you credit me for the stuff you use/change. For using Oblivion Lost elements or the mod add-ons you
should contact the creators for their permission.

This mod may not be compatible with other mods or subsequent patches to Oblivion Lost. It was designed solely for Oblivion Lost version 2.2. Multiplayer has not been tested and neither have difficulty levels beyond Easy.

Please DO NOT contact Kanyhalos or the makers of the other add-on mods for technical support as you'll just piss them off.

Stick to the GSC mod forums for help with this mod.

For a video of what to see in this mod please visit my channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Soopytwist

You may leave comments if you wish, but for questions please ask them on the GSC forums:


"Escape Velocity" - Anders Lundqvist - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.3"
"Alpha Star" (excerpt) - Anders Lundqvist - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.4"
"Space Diablo" - Gustaf Grefberg - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.3"
"Distant Fantasy" - Johan Kosekla - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.2"
"Space Ranger" - Johan Koskela - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.3"
"Analogic" - Johan Koskela - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.4"
"Into Eternity" - Marco Rochowski - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.3"
"Star Runner" - MindXpander - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.1"
"Floating Space Port" - MindXPander - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.1"
"Eternal Explorer" - Protonic Storm - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.3"
"Dragon Plane" - Protonic Storm - "Synthesizer Dance Vol.3"

Hypersound Productions (www.hypersound.ch)


(C) Daniel "soopytwist" May - 2010

Installer created using Inno Setup 5 by Jordan Russell

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