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Filename: redux_v1.02.zip

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8.82 MB
Mods > Singleplayer

Average User Rating: 8.3
Number of Votes: 37
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. REDUX VERSION (1.02) - File Description  

Quality: 8
FunFactor: 10
Creativity: 9
Installation Instructions: 8

Overall Rating: 8.8

This mod drastically changes many aspects of the single player game. It tries to bring a new sense of realism, tactics, and longevity to the game.

This mod also makes firefights "frighteningly realistic". It adds in support for silencers on more weapons, 9 new pieces of armor, and makes artifacts play a larger rule.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. REDUX VERSION (1.02) - File Download Options  

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. REDUX VERSION (1.02) - Readme  
Readme File:








2.1 Combat
2.11 Weapons
2.12 AI
2.2 Economy
2.3 Miscellaneous


This modification was designed for the GSC PC game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, version 1.0001 and 1.003.
It will not work without this game, and is not officially supported for any other version of the game.
Non-English languages are also not officially supported at this time.

To install S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Redux on your computer, use WinRAR (http://www.rarlab.com) to extract the
'gamedata' folder to your default STALKER directory.
(ex. C:\Program Files\THQ\S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- Shadow of Chernobyl)

Open 'fsgame.ltx' in the STALKER directory using a text editor and change the $game_data$ line to this:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata\

If you have previous modifications installed, WinRAR may ask you to overwrite older files: if you decline,
certain aspects of Redux may not work. If you accept, certain aspects of other mods may not work. Redux was
designed to be used alone, and may cause bugs, crashes, errors, or instability when used in conjunction
with other mods.

It is important to note that if you are coming from vanilla STALKER or older versions of RE, and intend to play old
save games, that you remove any suppressors you may have attached to current weapons, save, then install Redux.

Redux MAY work with old Reality Enhancement saves, although it is unlikely with releases before beta 5.


This mod aims to make the game of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. more enjoyable by promoting realism, tactics, and longevity.
Accomplished through extensive tweaking of default files, and various items added to the game, Redux is an
extensive overhaul of the GSC PC game designed to please both the hardcore, and the casual, gamer.

The largest changes to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. come in combat, where firefights are now frighteningly realistic. Weapons
are more powerful, enemies are more tactful, and bullets fly true-to-life. If you're the stealthy type, an array of
integrated and attachable silencers that mask your attack from the foe will come in handy, as will the ability to
equip them to many more weapons than normal. Armor will be your best friend, but will degrade more and more
rapidly as you take fire, and you're no longer limited to the standard array: 9 new pieces of body armor have been
added as a means to protect your miserable hide from the onslaught for another minute. Even artifacts will play a
larger part in your survival, as you quickly realize your belt only has room for so many enhancements.

Even the economy is against you as you struggle against the Zone itself, with stalkers paying an all-time low for
jobs offered, and just as ready to stab you in the back as to pay up. Weapons in the Zone have become little more
than pieces of scrap, and traders are quickly getting sick of paying top dollar for old equipment. Enemies, too, have
taken to using less ammunition, and you'll be hard-pressed to keep your handful of bullets in your pocket. Your one
saving grace is in artifacts, what every stalker is here for. Traders will be glad to pay out many rubles for a high-grade
artifact, and it's very much worth your time keeping an eye out for them as you attempt to regain your memory.

In recent years, the area around Chernobyl has gone from unstable to volatile, and anomalies that once agitated
stalkers now kill them with deadly randomness. Invisible thanks to a new wave of radiation, traders have taken to
stocking special radiation detectors to combat the growing threat.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Redux aims to make the Zone into the place we all wanted it to be, but be careful what you wish for,
stalker. You just might get it.

2.1 Combat
-bandages only stop bleeding, and no longer heal
-medkits can not be hotkeyed to simulate the time it would take to heal oneself
-wound scales have been revamped, particularly for vital areas
-basic body armor now only offers bullet-proofing for the chest and back, while full body armor offers
bullet resistance in the chest, back, upper arms, and legs
-bullet-proof areas of armor offer better bullet resistance, and degrade realistically based on damage type
-the player starts limping at 30% maximum health
-damage multipliers have been revamped to be more realistic
-binoculars no longer identify targets
-9 new armors included, built for the Zone's rough climate
-33 rewritten armor descriptions, and reworked characteristics
-all artifacts revamped to be both more valuable and more useful

2.11 weapons
-all weapons revamped based on real-world physics formulas and firearm characteristics to provide the most
realistic weapon simulations possible on the game engine
-iron sights now sway to reflect human condition
-all weapon descriptions have been revamped and extended to include real-world details and fictional lore
-suppressors now come in models built for specific calibers, and cannot be interchanged between barrel type
-equipping a silencer will decrease recoil and increase accuracy
-more weapons have the ability to be equipped with modifications and attachments
-normal ammuniton no longer equipped with tracers
-Desert Eagle now uses .44 magnum ammunition
-weapons found on corpses are severely degraded
-by simplifying the script technique, weapon stat-charts should now accurately reflect a weapon's attributes
-at least slight penetration on most ammunition
-certain ammunition is corrosive and degrades weapons much faster
-all optic sights have the correct real-world level of magnification
-grenade launchers attachments reduce recoil and lower accuracy slightly
-muzzle flashe textures have been darkened
-fragmentation grenades now contain 20 times more fragments
-new ammunition: tracer versions for most current ammo types (with new icons); tracers are green, in true Russian form
-new ammunition: 7.62x39mm rifle round
-new ammunition: .44 Magnum pistol round
-new weapon: AKM (reskinned AK-74)
-replaced firing, reloading, suppressed, draw, footstep and bullet hit sounds with more realistic versions
(NOTE: this is the only known English mod for STALKER with fixed .OGG sound files: all sounds work properly)

2.12 ai
-NPCs now slump realistically when they are shot, instead of being thrown by the force of the bullet
-NPCs bleed
-all NPCs have a chance to fall to the ground wounded at 30% health rather than 10%
-AI is tuned to have more difficulty seeing at night, and cannot hear NPC movements as well
-AI accuracy lowered to counter new weapon damages
-AI can now shoot at longer ranges

2.2 Economy
-all quest rewards significantly lowered
-prices altered to make money harder to come by
-fewer items drop from NPCs
-much less ammunition drops from NPCs, and only ammunition the NPC would have been realistically carrying
-artifacts made much more valuable and difficult to find
-added: the ability to repair your weapons and armor at select traders

2.3 Misc.
-anomalies are now invisible
-three anomaly/radiation detectors are available for purchase and are not equipped at the beginning of the game
must be equipped on the belt to work.
-anomalies are now significantly more powerful
-hunger is more prevailent
-new foods introduced


Thank you to Psynexus and GDobbs for HTML coding and image doctoring for our official home.

Thank you Psynexus ESPECIALLY for helping getting the intro "movie" up and running at crunch time!

Thank you to Badmagic for beginning work, and MrKlorox for extending work, on "Darker Nights Extended", included in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Redux.

Thank you to tharawdeal and onionradish, whose "Raw Onion Revamp 1.03" textual overhaul is included here.

Thank you Stefan "Lexx" Keßner, whose "RuNam" name fixes are included here.

Thanks to quorn, nihilant, and Blackalpha, for help with specific coding issues.

Thanks to pseudoant for initial HUD changes and getting the ball rolling.

Thanks to all of our beta-testers for nailing all those little details we missed!

Thank you AgentJR for being the first person to officially finish S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Redux
(and posting more bugs than everyone else combined!)

Thank you Lith and SlackeLX from the Redux forums for translating unique weapon names,
and Lith in particular for fixing coding issues with the Tula TOZ-66 (BM16).


For comments, suggestions, questions, bug reports, and the latest news, check out the official home of
the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Redux forums at



This mod is intended for private use only.
It may not be distributed by any commercial means without explicit permission from the authors.
It may be modified with permission from the authors. All modifications must cite the source code.
It may be included in other mods with permission from the authors. Credit must be given in the readme.

We hold absolutely no responsibility for any temporary or permanent problems that occur as a result of
downloading and/or using our mod. Use at your own risk.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. REDUX VERSION (1.02) - User Comments  
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