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Total Factional Warfare (0.8.8beta)
Filename: total_factional_warfare_v0.8.8beta.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
95.97 MB
Smoq2 and PhoenixHeart
Stalker Patch 1.5.07 or newer
Clear Sky > Mods > Singleplayer

Average User Rating: 6.8
Number of Votes: 10
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Total Factional Warfare (0.8.8beta) - File Description  

Total Factional Warfare, as the name suggests, focuses on the faction war aspect of the game, expending each faction campaign to previously ignored areas such as swamps, eventually putting one faction in control of the whole Zone. For the purpose of the mod the main story has been completly removed, and to add to the flavour I created a new main character and a new backstory.

Total Factional Warfare (0.8.8beta) - Screenshots  
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Total Factional Warfare (0.8.8beta) - Readme  
Readme File:
Total Factional Warfare v0.8.8 by PhoenixHeart and Smoq2

Readme by Smoq2

I'd like to thank those mentioned below for their contribution to TFW.

rgggclp - For many great enhancemets to stalker scripts. I basically learned to write scripts from his solutions, thank you for all the help and knowledge I gained thanks to your work.

Grunt - For new skins.

LuX - for his pda maps with smart terrain names.

Ceano - for Monster Hunter mod.

QuaNTuMbenxh and Minh - for icon textures.

Pavlov - for Artefacts Respawn Fix

AMK team - for Dynamic Hud mod

Atempad - for Sleeping Bag mod

The author of Looting Corpses Mod (I got it from someone on the forum, I'd be glad to thank the author personally if I could.

Jamie1992 - for his help with various issues and support

Everyone else who I forgot to mention but contributed to TFW in some sort


Total Factional Warfare, as the name suggests, focuses on the faction war aspect of the game, expending each faction campaign to previouslyignored areas such as swamps, eventually putting one faction in control of the whole Zone. For the purpose of the mod the main story has been completly removed, and to add to the flavour I created a
new main character and a new backstory.


Copy the archive to the folder where you install the game, and extract it to the folder. If you haven't modified the fsgame.ltx before, you have to change
$game_data$ = false| true| $fs_root$| gamedata to
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

Remember that this is still a beta so expect some bugs.

Remember to install the mod/new version on a clean game installation and to start a New Game after mod/new version installation!

The mod has been created with files from patch 1.5.07 but it should work fine with newer versions Stalker. TFW is likely to work well with stalker version prior to 15.07 To be perfectly safe, I suggest reverting to 1.5.07.

This version of TFW (0.8.8) has been released in order to test facion and squads simulation, the core of the mod.


The mod is incompatible with any mod that requiers file overwriting and installing other mods on top of TWF might cause crashes and freezes. It is possible to merge the files, but I strongly suggest caution in doing so, and to compare TFW files with vanilla first.



Just remove the Gamedata folder.

Main Features

- New story (not yet fully developed)

- New protagonist

- New playable faction (Mercenaries)

- New facion bases

- All new "Faction Brain". A script that controls faction, monster and zombie alife written for the purpose of extended Faction War campaign

- New scripts for enhancing faction expansions that keep enemy factions always a challenge.

- New dialogue options with squad commanders that allow the player to send a squad to a desired location.

- New items:

* Radio for controling player faction squads.

* Sleeping Bag

* Suits

- New Non-faction traders that sell rare items and give random tasks (information about NFT location can usually be obtained by asking someone in the faction base)

- New random task system

- NPCs loot bodies

- AMK dynamic huds

- Enhanced PDA maps

- Upgrading base guards

- Many more fixes that are to numerous to remember



---- Radio ----

When joining a faction each member is given a radio to communicate with the faction base and other squads. The usage of the radio is simple, just use it as any other item and a menu will pop up. There are three commands available:

- Call reinforcements from base:

This command orders a squad that resides in the faction base barracks to move to your location. The closer to a faction base, the sooner a squad will arrive. Capturing other bases will allow squads to move out from there. If a reinforcement call is made from a different territory of the Zone then the faction base is in the player will have to wait for a squad to arrive a bit longer. A timer will appear in the upper right corner of the hud indicating time of squad's arrival. The squad will always report upon enetring that territory. (Basically a squad is spawned on an entrance after a period of time.)

- Call a local squad:

Orders one squad that is closest to the player to come to his location. Caution! The squad will leave its post no matter what they were guarding! If the point is vital for faction campaign the player will not be compensated
for recapturing it.

- Report:

Gives information about player's faction. How many squads can be formed, how many squads are in the field, faction population, etc.

---- Attack Order ----

Just go to a squad commander and tell him where to go. This order can be issued even if the squad is moving.


Something about the factions and story:

The events of TFW are set slightly after the third emission, between the events of CS and SHoC. Scar is probably in Monolith by now, Strelok still beeing brainwashed, and all the factions are crippled after the emission. The race for claiming most of the Zone begins.

The player takes the role of Durad Vidic. A mercenary sent to recover some documents from X16 facility. The chopper that was transporting the merc and the rest of his squad flew right into a magnetic anomaly due to lack of intel and crash landed somewhere in red forest. Only Durad made it out alive from the crash. He lost his consciousness while crawling away from the crash site. He wakes up in the morning in the lair of some creature that must have taken him for easy pray and left for later consumption. The merc has only one option. RUN!

Clear Sky - "One of the first factions established in the Zone, Clear Sky was dedicated to researching the Zone and learning its inner workings, much like the Ecologists faction. However, unlike the Ecologists they are more then willing to resort to violence to get their way, and are as fiercely protective of the Zone as Duty, or even Monolith." - from STALKER wiki
After Lebedev died, or went missing, in the expedition to the Zone's centre, Beanpoleov took control of Clear Sky.

A secret NATO mission that tries to put a western monopoly on the zone, or at least keep the east from getting all the splendor. Researching Zone's anomalies and artifacts could bounce technology by hundreds of years, giving the western countries the ability to tip the balance in world domination.

Clear Sky is the only faction that had some success in putting the results from artifact researching into practical use, thus giving them the ability to manufacture better suits then other factions. Since they cannot maintain a formal link to NATO they use whatever weapons they can obtain within the cuntry. Clear Sky's expedition to Chernobyl NPP turned out to be a disaster. The faction lost contact with alomst all of their members leaving only a handful of people with low morale.

-Best suits.
-Use all weapons.
-CSky has less squads available for reinforcements because they lost most of their men in the expedition to the Zone's centre.

Loners - Nomads, scavangers, outcasts... Loners are opportunists and each one of them probably has a different reason for beeing in the Zone. They trade whatever they can find with their outside contacts or with other stalkers. Usually friendly and helpful when money comes into play.

Loners originally were neutral to whoever did not shoot at them but after the third emission they realized what will happen if someone else gets his hands on the whole Zone. It will be either joining him or getting kicked out. With this opinion spreading, Father Valarian once more formed a faction of his own.

Since Loners have no external funding they don't have the facilities needed to produce new suits or conduct any fruitful research their equipment is mostly made from scavanged parts. However this caused them to adopt a flair for customization. Loners can make a tank out of two sticks and a soda can.

-Weaker suits.
-Use all weapons.
-Can upgrade military suits.
-Have better prices while dealing with non-faction traders.

Duty - "Duty is a paramilitary clan of stalkers operating in the Zone, with members living according to a code. Their mission is victory over Chernobyl through sheer brute force. They achieve this by raiding mutant lairs, killing mutants and collecting artifacts for scientists. They do not trade artifacts with the outside, passing them to scientists for research. Only Duty representatives refuse to trade unique items from the Zone with the outside world." - from STALKER wiki
- from STALKER wiki

Duty aims at cutting the Zone off from the rest of the world completly. They see it as a threat to humanity if temepred with. Whoever thinks otherwise is to be shot on sight, even if it is an old friend from the days back in the military.

Beeing ex-military has its good sides. You get to keep your friends there. Some Duty "soldiers" still have many contats within the Ukrainian Military who provide the faction with with equipment. Decomissioned rifles and suits always come in handy when in the Zone.

-Normal suits.
-Use only eastern block weapons.

Freedom - "A faction of anarchists and daredevils who declare themselves to be fighting for free access to the Zone, and consequently find themselves in constant conflict with army units, military stalkers, and Duty. They believe that information about the Zone must not be hidden from humanity, and challenge the state's monopoly
over the Zone's secrets and wonders." - from STALKER wiki

Their goal is simple: everything for everyone. If you enjoy a camp fire with a mutant then sign up!

Freedom is beeing more naive then then anyone would think. Or maybe they are just playing it right... NATO sees Freedom as a failsafe in case Clear Sky would fail. It's better if a group of liberal anarchists held the Zone then let fanatics destroy it or even worse, get it locked down by eastern countries. In order to prevent such a situation NATO secretly supplies Freedom with weapons using unofficial contats. Whether Freedom knows where their weapons are coming from is unknown.

-Normal suits.
-Use only nato weapons.

Bandits - "Bandits are members of the criminal underworld who came to the Zone for different reasons; to make money by selling artifacts, hide from the law or trade in weapons." - from STALKER wiki

Bandits seek to control the whole Zone for profit. Simple as that.

After Borov took the mentale of the leader after Yoga he managed to actually unite some of the smaller gangs into one quite powerful bandit clan. His ambition has made others regard bandits as a formidable foe rather then just a nuisance. They usually trade with the military thus most of their equipment can resemble this used by the army.

-Normal suits.
-Use all weapons.

Mercenaries - Private soldiers of different sort, ex-military, assassins, unemplyed special agents... All seeking work that pays much and requires getting hands dirty.

Originally came to the Zone as private protection for the local scientists, but that might change...

Mercenaries are well trained in tactics, but since the Zone is far from a normal battlefield, mercs don't have the knowledge required to adjust their equipment to local conditions. They arrived under Wolfhound's command only with 3 squads and issued standard equipment by their employer. They have no real name or reputation in the Zone nor are they organized as a faction. But Zone's lucrative secrets can make anybody willing to hang around a bit longer...

-Weaker suits.
-Use all weapons.
-Don't have a trader until they establish a base of their own.
-Start with an AK and some ammo instead of money.


To testers:

Please post any info regarding bugs on the GSC Forum TFW thread:


To Modders:

Feel free to modify any of the files in this mod, but just give me and PhoenixHeart a tiny credit for our work.

TFW is adjusted for translation, just modify the text files in the config/text folder.

Thank you,
TFW Team

Smoq2 (wwilcz@gmail.com)

Total Factional Warfare (0.8.8beta) - User Comments  
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 Expand#4 - Posted by: Spartan73 (Member) - 08-21-2009 at 20:09

 Expand#5 - Posted by: camo_ninja (Member) - 08-21-2009 at 23:07

 Expand#6 - camo ninja join the club - Posted by: gibraltarix (Member) - 08-22-2009 at 12:42

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 Expand#10 - Posted by: snowmayne101 (Member) - 08-23-2009 at 11:33

 Expand#11 - Posted by: miker8 (Member) - 08-23-2009 at 14:34

 Expand#12 - Posted by: rggg (Member) - 08-23-2009 at 18:43

 Expand#13 - Posted by: rggg (Member) - 08-23-2009 at 18:48

 Expand#14 - crash - Posted by: kof1k (Member) - 08-25-2009 at 11:15

 Expand#15 - Posted by: smoq2 (Member) - 08-25-2009 at 16:47

 Expand#16 - Posted by: subaru_swift (Member) - 08-26-2009 at 06:41

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