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Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update (1.2)
Filename: shoc_unr_mod_v.1.2_update.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
637.24 MB
Original game and Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix v.1.01, strong PC for smooth play
Shadow of Chernobyl > Mods > Singleplayer

Average User Rating: 8.1
Number of Votes: 19
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4 Other Files by unrealO0o:
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Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update (1.2) - File Description  

Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix brings you back to the Zone. It presumes that you've been here before and now you want to go freestyle. It gives you the opportunity to play as free as possible. A few small changes allow you to shortcut main story line on some points and open all levels for practically unlimited freeplay. Of course, the game can be played normally as well. Levels were edited a bit as well, most of permanently locked doors are open, non-functional ladders are fixed, some houses in Pripyat have climmable drain pipes and so on.

version: update to 1.2
unpacked size: 1.3 GB (contains Arsenal RC1 textures and SC 2009 textures)
tested on: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl 1.0005
requirements: Original game and Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix v.1.01, strong PC for smooth play

This file is update and contains only new files, for functional game following basemod must be installed first:


Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update (1.2) - Screenshots  
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Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update (1.2) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update!

Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update (1.2) - Readme  
Readme File:
## What's new in version 1.2 ##

-New game is NOT required, old saves from version 1.01 work also with version 1.2. New game is required only if you have no saves from 1.01.

-A few bugs were fixed, see "Bug fixes and workarounds" section. For known bugs and support information see "Known bugs and problems" section at the end of this README.

-Weapons from Arsenal RC1 mod in addition to original Vanilla weapons and old Arsenal weapons, Gnomus's scopes

-Trader mod, edited and applied on all trader characters

-Textures and graphics settings used from SC 2009

-Optional weather, you can choose between Weather Overhaul 3.0 and Panoramic Mod 2.1 mods and change (with patch copy) whenever you want.

-Some cats and tushkanos are eatable, although contaminated.

-Various TV mods added.

-New sounds and songs.

-Some AMK 1.4 mod items (explosives, flamethrower).

-New game menu graphics.

-A few optional packs, each option directory contains gamedata forder. Overwrite all files when apply.

## Bug fixes and workarounds:

-Hotfix 1 included

-Vertex error CTD workaround

Game sometimes crashes with inaccessible vertex error message. Sometimes the game reload helps, but sometimes the same vertex error reoccurs. So far I wasn't able to track it's exact cause, I presume it comes from the C part of the game. I prepared the workaround which kills the affected NPC before it crashes the game and lets you play further.
If your game continualy crashes to desktop with the same "inaccessble vertex" error message in the log, use the following workaround:

1. Check if game keeps failing after the update. Backup your data.

2. Find LOG file. Typically in C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsSTALKER-SHOClogsxray_username.log. Check for simmilar entry at the end:


[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : E:stalkersourcestrunkxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path _manager.cpp
[error]Line : 155
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [bar_ambush_killer_4_walk] in inaccessible for object [bar_ambush_killer_04]

3. Open olp_mod.script and enter failing NPC identification into npc_kill variable. For the example case above it is npc_kill="bar_ambush_killer_04"

4. Use your saved game and go through failing point. As soon as failing NPC occures on the stage, it is killed instead of the CTD. You are notified by short message on the screen.

5. After the NPC is killed, save your game. Then you can remove NPC's id from olp_mod.script file.

-Quest items can be stashed and traded with Sidorovich or Barman.

-Some text mistypes in dialogs and descriptions corrected.

-Adrenaline item has correct icon and model.

-Pain is healed much faster by bandages and medkits.

-Removed bug when "repair kit" repaired items by moving from inventory to stash. Now it repairs only when used properly.

-Headbob for walking is reduced.

# Trader mod features:

The only reason for being in Zone is to survive and get some money. And you must get money to survive.

Traders prices and items change according to trader's living place and interests.

Food and health items are very valuable on some places. For example you can buy a lot of items on one place, sell them on another and earn some money. In example, if you carry 1 kilo of antirads from Sidorovich to Kanyhalos, you can earn 4500 RU. For bread it is only 100 RU.

Sidorovich has the best prices in general, but he lives on the Zone's edge. He has best prices for food and health items and pretty good prices for weapons, but has less probability for each eapon.

Petrenko (as well as the soldier trader) has biggest weapons choice, but quite expensive. He buys health items for good price. Soldier trader, on the other hand, for health items has the best supplies and good price.

Barman has not a lot of weapons, but only he can sell the flamethrower and ammo for it. He also sells the food for good price, but doesn't buy any food and health (apparently he has his own suppliers).

Sacharov will pay full price for Artifacts and mutant items (need them for his research), but he does not care for weapons. In rare cases when he has some to sell, he wants to get rid of it and sells it for the lowest price. He sells every artifact which exists, but really expensive. He needs food, he pays for it, but has a lot of health items so he sells them cheap.

Kanyhalos's prices are highest in the Zone, becouse he lives in Pripyat. On the other hand he is short of supplies, so he pays the most for food and health.

Skinflint (and the bandit trader) has better prices for weapons than Petrenko, but a bit lower choice. He buys both food and health items.

Sidorovich and Barman buy also quest items.

# Weapons:

Weapons from Arsenal RC1 mod are added. Every trader has a certain chance to have each weapon, the biggest one is for Petrenko (duty trader) and soldier trader, the smallest one for Sacharov.

Scopes are from Gnomus's pack, there are 4:3 and 16:9 versions in OPTIONAL directory.

Weapons are more sensitive, their condition goes down faster, so you must invest more into their maintenance (repairs). Durability was set up according to VSS Vintorez. In reality, it is stated that it can stand from 1500 to 5000 shots (depends on maintenance). Original settings were for 4000 shots, I lowered them to 2000 (harsh Zone conditions). It means durability of every weapon is cut to half.

Flamethrower from AMK mod is a bit experimental, i'm not sure if works well. Anyway, it seems the best weapon for underground corridors. Its ammo can be bought only from Barman.

# Monster items:

In some cats and tushkanos inventory you can find eatable items (meat). They are somewhat poisonous and radioactive, although quite nutrient. Don't use when your health is low, it could kill you.

# Optional weathers switch (Weather Overhaul 3.0 / Panoramic Mod 2.1 with SWO 2.2):

By default, game has Weather Overhaul 3.0 activated. If you prefer Panoramic Mod 2.1 weather, copy OPTIONAL/Weathers_Switch/Panoramic_Mod_2.1/gamedata directory over game's gamedata. If you want the old weather back, use OPTIONAL/Weathers_Switch/Weather_Overhaul_v3.0/gamedata. To get Panoramic Mod again, copy OPTIONAL/Weathers_Switch/Panoramic_Mod_2.1/gamedata again and so on. Always overwrite all old files. All saves should work with both weathers. Need for game exit and reload with each switch is obvious.

# AMK explosives:

You can find or buy the fuel canisters or gas bombs and keep them in your inventory. They are a bit stronger than the pipe bombs, but they are much heavier to carry.

## Description of version 1.01 ##

-Mod requires the new game start. New game is NOT required for ver. 1.2 with 1.01 saves.

-Mod should be played on Hell (master) difficulty, 'novice' gives immortality (god mode) except for radiation. Rest of difficulties is unbalanced.

-Mod is focused mainly on freeplay. That's why it offers means to finish the story as fast as possible and return back to the Zone.

-At the very beginning there is some good equipment left for you in Sidorovich's stash (price cca 18000 RU). However, so that it was not so easy, there is no anomaly detector (you have only bolts left). You can buy some from Sidorovich for a fair price. More advanced detectors are then available for free in the bar area.

-You can play the game story either in classical way, or speeded up by means of document copies left on easily accessible places in the Zone. Thus you can avoid military base (although i suggest to save Mole at least, otherwise he'll be killed with first blowout), X labs and Yantar as well, since one of the stashes contains also working psy helmet. You can go from Bar straight to the Red Forest and enter bunker, where you can find the backup brainscorcher switch right behind the door. When you turn it off, you can go on to Pripyat and further on. Stancia 2 contains exit to Pripyat in one of the gates and allows you to continue freeplay style in the Zone.

-Document copies will be shown on your map by Yurik (if you succeed saving him from bandits when entering Garbage for the first time) and Garik in Bar. I recommend to deliver those copies you find one after another one, X18 first and X16 after that. It will prevent possibility of little chaos in Barman's tasks.

-Some rooms are furnished a bit, Garik (Barman's bodyguard) lets you in when you stand in front of him and leave him enough space. Playing radios can be individually set in olp_mod.script. olp_mod.script allows settings for more features.

-Most of the doors in all levels are unlocked (code keylocks are disabled), on the ground, as well as in undergrounds, including those with only wall behind them. Functional (not only drawn, as the one in Red Forest stash, up the ladder where sniper is positioned) door can be opened with push, or - when on the other site - with knife or shot. Doors that are part of the gamestory can be opened only within the story play (i.e. Borov key, X.. lab codes etc.).

-You can climb up the drain pipes in Pripyat, on the first building estate. If you are swift you can climb up the rooftop, if you are even more swift you can jump on to the balcony.

-Stancia 2 is freely accessible, it contains also some anomalies. Most of the ladders in NPP area are put into operation. In example, it is possible to climb up the highest chimney in the level center. Beautiful view, there is also one anomaly on the top :). Climbing is pretty tough job, beware of falls. It's easier with No More Fences mod off (_gamemtl.xr). Level contains level changer straight back to Pripiat's stadium.

-If you are fed up with fences and invisible walls, you can turn them off/on using No More Fences minimod. Rename or copy the file _gamemtl.xr to gamemtl.xr anr restart the game (new game is not needed). However, this causes that you can cross through some wire fences and you cal fall through some wire floors. Beware of getting stuck. When you copy/rename file back, wires are solid again. In example, it is interesting to check the ruined reactor core from the Stancia 2 perspective. But be aware that not everything that looks like a floor really is a floor. Beware: once you jump into reactor core you cannot get out. Save before doing so.

-Some level's spawn points were moved, i.e. if changing from Pripyat to Red Forest you will be no more spawned amongst mercs ready to kick your ass. Instead, you are spawned on the rooftop of the small building where you can cover. On the other site, in Bar you must first cross anomalies field until you get into the next level.

-Answer "NO" on level changer doesn't throw you to the spawn point anymore, it lets you go further instead. You are still able to run back and change the level anytime. Of course, this allows running behind fences so beware of falling off the level.

-Character voices are completely Russian, i found them more realistic.

-Actor's power is significantly lowered for more realism. I found it unrealistic when actor could sprint accross the half of the level with 70 kg load. Vehicles were useless. Now actor can sprint significantly shorter time and must rest more often.

-When the player is wounded (i.e. hit by the shooting), screen is flickered with red filter. If he's hit more hard, he can drop active weapon, so beware of loosing it in the battle. Free weapons (and other stuff) is collected by other stalkers. They also loot corpses.

-Mod introduces experimental feature 'pain'. When player is wounded, his pain is shown as a red pulsating filter on the screen. Pulses frequency and intensity are bigger with bigger pain. Pain is bigger with bigger health delta loss. Bigger pain causes deep breathing. Pain slowly disappears if health doesn't drop below 30% or player doesn't bleed too much. If injuries are harder, pain can on the contrary grow bigger. When the pain is receding, filter colour and pulses frequency goes down until they dissapear. Pain can be relieved by vodka and adrenaline, a bit less by medkits and bandages. This feature can be turned off/on in the olp_mod.script.

-Healing system is changed, medkits don't cure instantly but gradually after they are applied. It is not possible to get cured instantly in the middle of the fight. You must hide somewhere first.

-There is special military adrenaline available in the Zone, which can instantly boost up the health and stamina and relieve the pain. On the other hand, it's side effects cause eventually 50% health loss.

-Stamina bar is back in the HUD, whereas noise and visibility bars are removed (you no more have telepatic capabilities to know if enemy can see you). If you prefer old Oblivion Lost HUD, use files motion_icon.xml.OL and motion_icon_16.xml.OL

-HUD can use Oblivion Lost dynamic mode (suit mask, breathing), or unrestricted fulscreen (default). Set this in olp_mod.script.

-Torch light is dimmed and more diffused.

-Stalkers don't shout "оÑÑжие ÑвÑал" every time you are crossing by with weapon. You must literally aim at their face. To achieve this, fow is a bit zoomed (1 degree) when aiming. They still want to talk with you only when you have your weapon holstered.

-Some sounds are altered, i.e. controller presence doesn't make that iritating whistle. One of the harmonica sounds was also lowered and waved.

-Binocular doesn't detect npc's and monsters.

-Anomalies are more unpredictable and often invisible. (experimental) if you want them visible, use appropriate .ltx.VISIBLE file.

-Some monsters are weakened, especially controllers and burers (i don't like heavy armored ones who can stand two full magazines). I tried to increase probability of monster items, not sure if works properly... For those who miss old mutants, use appropriate .ltx.OL, or just increase m_monster.ltx (monster for monster name, i.e. controller) values for variables Health and MaxHealthValue.

-Blowouts are a bit more often than in original Oblivion Lost.

-Anomalies can be run in AMK 1.4 mode (mod default, experimental) which causes much more anomalies of various types behaving in much more unpredictable way. Evely level has randomly placed various types of anomalies which are changed with each blowout. You must travel really carefully. If you don't like this, switch this behavior to Oblivion Lost mode. Each mode requires new game start. This can be set up in the olp_mod.script file.

## Mods List ##

Many thanx to all people who devoted their precious time and effort to this - in many aspects - unique game.
Many thanx to GSC for creating it.

Following mod list shows only most utilized mods, check game credits for more info.

Oblivion Lost 2.2 by Kanyhalos - base mod

AMK 1.4 by AMK Team - alternative anomaly system, other items

Weather Overhaul 3.1 by Trojanuch - weather

Panoramic Mod 2.1 with S.W.O 2.2 - alternative weather

Photorealistic Zone 1.0 by Argus - detailed textures

S.T.A.L.K.E.R COMPLETE 2009 by artistpavel - edited textures, additional sounds and music

Area Extension Mod v0.3.1 by Kstn and IG-2007 - additional arena battles

Priboi Story a No More Fences mody by dez0wave - sounds, music, some models and fake walls/wires

Arsenal RC1 by Dester and Zereset - weapons

Gnomus Scopes 2.0 - weapon scopes

Dynamic Campfire 1.3 mod by kstn - dying abandoned fire in camps

Repair Kit 1.0 mod by Autologic - weapons and suits repair tools

NatureMod v1.0 by sputnik_tr_02 - grass textures

Petrenko's Workshop mod by BobBQ - duty trader by Bare

DMP 7.0 by datastor - minimods and objects properties tuning

STALKER Real Gun Names mod v.3 by Kyodan - real gun names and descriptions

Inferno v1.2 - Health Overhaul by Russo - healing system

Several merged TV mods (by different modders) TV programme in the Zone

Authenticity Sound Pack by fi csoport - Russian character voices

## Settings in olp_mod.script ##

--set this to true if you want to hear radio chat in the Bar, or set it to false to revert back the Bar music
radio_chat = false

--set this to true if you want so many mutants in the Sarcophagus, or set it to false if not
sar_alife = false

--set this to true if you want so many mutants in the X18 Lab, or set it to false if not
x18_alife = false

--set this to true if you want so many mutants in Chernobyl NPP Stancia2, or set it to false if not
st2_alife = true

--set this to true if you want to enable the alcoholism feature, or set it to false if not
alkohol = true

--set this to true if you want to enable the dynamic anomalies (for Oblivion Lost anomaly type), or set it to false if not
anoms = true

--set this to true if you want to enable the red circle mapspots for transmutated artifacts, or set it to false if not
mapspot = true

--set this to true if you want to enable the npc's looting, or set it to false if not (new game required)
looting = true

--set to false for oblivion lost anomaly type mode, true for AMK anomaly type mode (experimental). New game needed for each mode

--set to true for oblivion lost dynamic hud (outfit mask) type

--set to true for blowout phantoms

--set radio in Barman room, false for silence

--set radio in Dolg bunker in bar

--set radio in Red Forest stash, false for silence

--set radio in Pripyat room, false for silence

--set to true if you want pain feature (experimental)

--set for Area Extension mod, wraps variable to aem_manager.aem_only, switch requires new game
aem_only = false

--set for 'any vertex in patrol path in inaccessible for object npc' error workaround (see README). Set failing object name from error log, or leave ""

## Installation of update to version 1.2 ##

1. Backup your olp_mod.script if you changed it, this update has the new one. Reedit the new script, or copy npc_kill= variable from the new one to your customized script.
2. Unpack update package.
3. Copy gamedata folder over existing version 1.01 gamedata folder in your game directory. Overwrite all files.
4. Apply optional pack if desired.
5. Use previous version saves or start new game. If some save crashes with weather error, apply either optional weather patch.

## Installation of version 1.01 ##

Perform following steps to install:

1. Backup your old gamedata folder if you already use some mod. You can, for example, rename it to old_gamedata.
2. Check file fsgame.ltx for line $game_data$ = true|true| $fs_root$|gamedata
3. Unpack new gamedata folder.
4. Make backup of your old user.ltx file.
5. Copy recommended gamedata/user.ltx to it's working location (typically in C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDocumentsSTALKER-SHOCuser.ltx)
6. Run game, set and save your own game options. Buttons F1, F2 and F3 control camera. Button T turns on/off a vehicle engine. Caution: user.ltx uses full dynamic lighting settings recommended for Photorealistic zone textures, check compatibility. Also set up your own player controls.

Please see README in package for known bugs and support information.

Unreal Freeplay Mod Mix Update (1.2) - User Comments  
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 Expand#7 - Posted by: Gnomus (Member) - 08-25-2009 at 23:09

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 » Knights of the Old Republic
 » Left 4 Dead 2
 » LOTR: Battle 4 Middle Earth
 » Medal of Honor
 » Operation Flashpoint
 » Quake 4
 » Red Faction: Guerrilla
 » rFactor
 » Silent Hunter 4
 » Sins of a Solar Empire
 » Soldier of Fortune 2
 » S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
 » Star Trek: Legacy
 » Star Wars Battlefront 2
 » Star Wars Empire at War
 » StarCraft II
 » Starfleet Command III
 » Supreme Commander
 » Team Fortress 2
 » The Elder Scrolls IV
 » The Sims 2
 » TrackMania United
 » Unreal Tournament 3
 » Warcraft III
 » World of Warcraft
 » X3: Terran Conflict

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